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At Dara Pappas Counselling you will find a therapeutic style that is active, strength-based and focused on solutions. My aim is to empower clients to overcome barriers through the development of cognitive strategies and coping skills. We focus on the present moment, with an awareness of past patterns and how those influence your current situation. We identify the strategies you are already using with success and build on those to help you reach your goals.


Dara Pappas Counselling has moved and is now located within the clinic of renowned ADHD expert Dr Kenny Handelman at the Centre for Integrative Mental Health. 

Please note that, while you require a referral to be seen by Dr. Handelman, you DO NOT need a referral to see the Social Workers at the clinic, including Dara. Nor, do you need to be an existing patient of the clinic. Anyone seeking counselling is welcome to contact the clinic to book an intake session with Dara Pappas Counselling. 

Individual Counselling

I provide individual counselling and psychotherapy to adults ages 18 and over; specializing in adult ADHD, anxiety and life transitions. 

Many of my clients seek my services to cope with:​









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Adult ADHD

Are you an adult living with ADHD?


Perhaps you were diagnosed in childhood, but are finding your symptoms more challenging with the increased responsibilities of adulthood. Or, perhaps you were diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood and are navigating the ADHD world for the first time.


As a fellow ADHD'er and mom to a 6 year old with ADHD, I am passionate about working with adults to help them cope with the symptoms of ADHD and realize their full potential.


I do not view ADHD as a "disorder", but rather as a different way of thinking. The brain in an individual with ADHD is wired differently than that of a neurotypical individual. If you can learn strategies that work for your brain, you can make your ADHD work for you - I would love to help you with that!

Young Adults

I have spent the past 10 years working as a counsellor in post-secondary settings with young adults.  

I have helped countless young adults cope with issues such as leaving home for the first time, transitioning to post-secondary school, starting a career, deciding on a life direction, friendship and romantic relationship issues as well as mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

If you're a young adult feeling stressed, "stuck" or unsure of what comes next, Get in touch today to discuss how I can help you overcome barriers and create a plan for your future 

Happy Hiking

If you're ready to take charge of your life and tackle the obstacles that are holding you back, take the first step and book an intake session with me! To book a session, call the Centre for Integrative Mental Health and ask to book a session with Dara.

“Life can be tough, but so are you”


Centre for Integrative Mental Health
465 Morden Road, Suite 203
Oakville, ON, L6K 3R9

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